Bridging the gap for students from all over the world.

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Boost your child's English

Get your child ready for the mainstream classroom with either our online or face to face English tutoring program.

Teaching is our passion, and here at Language Headstart we are understanding, patient, and aware of how to talk to beginner students. During a lesson, we focus on your child and their abilities.

Their learning needs will be met through goal making, proper preparation, and teaching. During a lesson we incorporate conversation, reading, writing, and evaluation. We will use fun and interesting digital material, in accordance with personal needs/interests.

We can begin developing your child's English skills and bridging the gap early in the process to assist with the transition into the mainstream classroom.

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Skills that we assess:

Once EAL learners have completed the initial intake form then they will be given a formal assessment in their first lesson. This is to ensure that all learning and assessment tasks are relevant to a learner’s stage of English language development.

Following this, these are the skills students will be assessed on:


Are they able to follow instructions without support? Can they participate in learning activities without support? Can they recognise and respond to familiar sounds? Can they understand simple sentences or the meaning of simple words? Are they able to understand more English than they can use? Do they know the meaning of who, what, where and why? Do they understand more complex sentences?


Do they use words and sentences to express their needs? Are they able to share their ideas in English when supported and modelled? Can they put words together independently? Can they use common adjectives appropriately? Can they give a short retelling of a story or sequence events in a story? Are they able to express their likes and dislikes? Can they ask simple questions? Can they use negative form of speech?


Can the child comprehend the book, video, or set of instructions? Can they recognise their own name is print? Can they show developing awareness between pictures and print? Can they respond to pictures, symbols, and labels?


Are they able to trace and copy letters? Do they show awareness that print is read from left to right? Can they respond to activities with pictures or short words?

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School head start program..

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At Language Headstart we also provide a school readiness program which ensures that students are equipped for ‘big school’.

Our school readiness program helps children develop their social, cognitive, language and gross and fine motor skills. This gives children a sense of confidence and comfort as they move to primary school.

We place a strong focus on the Victorian Curriculum to make sure that students have the necessary knowledge and skills they need for prep.

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Skills that we assess:

Social skills:

Does your child play with others appropriately? Do they use language to assert themselves? Do they exhibit manners and politeness? Can they turn take and share items?

Cognitive Skills:

Is your child able to problem solve? Can they demonstrate basic counting and number skills? Can they copy and recognise shapes, letters, and numbers? Are they able to talk about their work, creations, and discoveries in some detail?

Emotional Maturity:

Can your child manage their emotions appropriately? Does your child understand what emotions are? Is your child able to separate from you? Can they cope with changes in their environment? Can your child focus and follow instructions?


Can my child dress themselves? Do they blow their own nose when necessary? Do they feed themselves? Can they unscrew the lid and fill up their own water bottle? Can they open packets? Can they use scissors?

Language Skills:

Can your child speak clearly? Can they communicate their needs and wants? Are they able to listen to others? Do they have conversational skills? Can they recognise letters and sounds? Do they have basic literacy skills? Do they enjoy reading and listening to books?

Physical Coordination and Motor Skills:

Can the child hold a pencil correctly? Can they trace shapes and lines? Can they demonstrate proper pencil grip? Are they able to turn pages in a book? Can they balance on one leg? Can they walk up and down stairs independently? Can they throw on catch a ball?


EAL Student Classes


School Readiness

Creative Play Timetable

Class locations:


Contact us directly to confirm availlibity at your preferred time

Sessions at Creative Play run on Monday , Thursday and Friday afternoons.

For further information or to check availability please contact us directly on:


We look forward to hearing from you!


Fill out the student intake form to get started!

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Read the reviews

Quotation Mark

Although our child was at an International School, there were still some gaps in his English. Alexandra and her team have been instrumental in bridging those gaps. Our child's classroom teacher was shocked at the progress he has made!

Brighid De Silva

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Alexandra has made learning English fun for our daughter. At the start she was very shy but now she has made friends at school and is talking to them in English. We are so happy.

Jess Huynn

Quotation Mark

The program was suggested to us by our child's classroom teacher as a way to accelerate Jeff's English. We have now suggested it to other new families that have arrived as it has given our child an equal opportunity to learn.

Christian Lin

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A little

about me

Hello! Salome! Bonjour! Nǐ hǎo!

My name is Alexandra Xenitopoulos and I am the Founder of Language Headstart. It is an intensive English language program that follows the guidelines of the Victorian Curriculum. As a fully registered teacher in Victoria, I specialise in teaching English as an additional language. I have been working in education for over ten years and teaching language for eight of them. Teaching language is my passion!

I come from a multilingual background and grew up learning English, French, Greek and Italian. Therefore, not only do I understand the challenges of learning a new language but I know the best ways to teach it from first hand experience.

We look forward to getting to know your family and developing your child's English language skills to prepare them for the mainstream classroom.



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